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good in youTM

If you’re looking for a refreshingly cold, low calorie, low sugar ready-to-drink organic tea that tastes great and is good for you, look no further!

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USDA organic certified. Made only with ingredients that are organically grown.

0 - 45 Calories

Our teas range from 0 to no more than 45 calories. Energy without carbs!

Nutrient Dense

Rich in antioxidants, Catechins and other ingredients that are designed “for the good in you.” ™

Great Taste

Originating from the mountains of India ensures a smooth, mellow sweet flavor.

From The Mountains of India

The focus of our tea's flavor and wellness is nature. Harvested from some of the highest elevations in India gives Gratitude Organic Tea its unique, delicately sweet, smooth flavor. Low in calories and sugar, and free of preservatives and mystery ingredients, Gratitude Organic Tea provides a clean, fresh taste unlike anything on the market.

Our Story

It’s All About Wellness

At Gratitude Health, our mission is to, "influence the way people eat and drink as a component of better managing their overall health." Our eco-friendly packaged Darjeeling tea uses nutrient-dense organic ingredients. Rich in antioxidants and carefully balanced with minimal amounts of organic cane sugar and organically grown stevia, our tea is specially blended to enhance heart-health, weight loss and enhanced energy. Our tea's natural polyphenol is proven to improve circulation, and it's no wonder people feel Gratitude after experiencing the cold, refreshing taste of our tea. After all, it's "for the good in you."TM

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This is for the moments when you’re looking for a variety of great tastes that are good for you! Whether it's our Green, Mint, Peach or Berry flavor, you're sure to enjoy the cold, clean, refreshing taste of our authentic Darjeeling organic tea.

Our Sweet Selection

Learn more about each of our flavors — all using a minimal amount of organic cane sugar and organically grown stevia, resulting in one of the lowest sugar and calorie organic teas available.

Refreshing Mint

0 Calories

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Mixed Berry

45 Calories

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Green Tea

45 Calories

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45 Calories

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