Our Story

Our company started with a real and meaningful purpose:  To provide people committed to altering the way they eat and drink with better tasting and healthy choices. We developed our first product, a Darjeeling organic, green tea, to deliver on that promise and named it after, what we believe each of us should do every day: Give Gratitude. Whether it’s a parent, a child, a teacher, nurse or friend, taking a moment to tell them how much they’re appreciated and valued should never be taken for granted. And neither should your body.

The choices we make in nourishing our bones, blood and muscles is critical to both our mental and physical well-being.  At Gratitude Health, we believe in developing products that influence your ability to get and stay fit.

Our authentic Darjeeling Green organic tea focuses on nature. Premium tea leaves are harvested from some of the highest elevations in India giving it a delicately sweet, smooth flavor with no unpleasant aftertaste. With ingredients rich in antioxidants and carefully balanced with minimal amounts of organic cane sugar and organically grown stevia, our tea promotes enhanced heart-health, weight loss and increased energy. Our tea's natural polyphenol is proven to improve circulation, and it’s no wonder people feel Gratitude after experiencing the cold, refreshing taste of our tea.

So, whether you’re working out, listening to music, or just cooking up a great meal, feel confident that Gratitude Organic Tea is a great tasting, low calorie, low sugar tea specially blended “for the good in you.”TM


Gratitude Organic Tea is proud to partner with local organizations and businesses. We enjoy every opportunity in supporting those who share similar values. After all, it's 'for the good in you.' Interested in partnering with us? Please contact Camilla Finck at camilla@organicgratitude.com.