Shopping & Sharing Gratitude: Brands That Care

People are expecting more of the brands they love these days. It’s not just about the product or service that brands provide, but also about how conscious they are of the needs of people, communities and our planet. The more we can support brands who do what they do responsibly, the higher the bar is set for other companies. 

The good news is there are many responsible brands that we can be grateful for. If you’re looking to shop at brands that truly care, here are some of the best options for a variety of needs.  


Retail: Patagonia 

Patagonia has long made a name for itself as the responsible retailer – and with good reason. Patagonia is not only a premier provider of activewear and sporting supplies, but they’re also committed to a mission of “100% For the Planet.” Their multi-pronged approach to responsibility includes supply chain transparency, animal-welfare safeguards, and use of only organic cotton to reduce footprint. As opposed to fast fashion, their clothes are built to last and they even let you trade in worn wear for credit so that it can be resold rather than contributing to waste. 


Beauty: Lush Cosmetics 

The leader in conscious cosmetics is Lush. Their high-quality bath and beauty products are matched with high ethical standards, including making products from organic ingredients, fighting all cosmetic animal testing, and providing eco-friendly products like solid shampoo bars that don’t require a bottle. Anything that needs to be bottled or packaged is made from recycled, reusable or compostable items, and they even have a recycling program where you can bring back empty packaging to earn rewards.    

Personal Care: Dr. Bronner’s 

The original “hippie” product, Dr. Bronner’s multi-purpose, eco-friendly soaps and personal care products have seen a resurgence in recent years. Dr. Bronner’s uses certified organic and fair trade ingredients, and is committed to building equitable supply chains through fair trade practices, including fair and stable prices to farmers, environmental stability, and no forced labor. 

Dr. Bronner’s is all about their relationships with employees, customers, suppliers and the earth. See their 6 “Cosmic Principles” for a great look into what they are all about. 


Food: Beyond Meat 

We’ve all heard the headlines about Beyond Meat, and many of us are already enjoying their delicious plant-based “meat” alternatives. But if you haven’t: now is the time to pick up a Beyond Meat product at the store. This company is fighting climate change, helping animals live better lives, and improving health with its vegan products. In fact, plant-based burgers are saving around 250,000 animals per year, according to World Animal Protection, and the brand’s Beyond Burgers can be made by generating 90% fewer greenhouse gas emissions than their beef counterparts. 

Cleaning: Seventh Generation

Eco-friendly cleaning products at competitive prices? Count us in. For over 30 years, Seventh Generation has been on a mission to transform the world into a healthy, sustainable and equitable place for the next seven generations. Their cleaning products are free of harmful toxins and chemicals, as well as being hypoallergenic and made for sensitive skin. What they may be best known for is their packaging made of recycled materials and designed to be recycled, with a goal of having 100% reusable or biodegradable packaging by 2025. 

Pets: West Paw 

You can be eco-conscious with your pet supplies, too! Based in Montana, West Paw offers durable, beautiful toys and beds that pets will love – plus they’re made of all sustainable materials. The brand is particularly known for its proprietary Zogoflex toys that can be recycled infinitely. After your dog has thoroughly enjoyed the toy, you simply send it back to West Paw, where it is sanitized, ground up, and put back into the machine to make a shiny new toy. 

Share your gratitude for your community and your planet by consciously shopping at one of these or other brands that care! 

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